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SurveyMonkey to partner with Opiria?

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11 Jul 2018, 10 GMT+10

Lately, more and more business partnerships emerged with the sole purpose of delivering excellence for every customer service experience. With every successful partnership comes welcoming news of customer care improvement and exciting new projects that have the potential to enrich the quality of life as well as shape future experiences in a positive way. The latest such partnership to provide client satisfaction, and aspire towards companies and customer understanding is the one between Opiria and SurveyMonkey. Do keep in mind that as of yet their partnership has not been confirmed, however, with reliable internal sources speculating this potential business move, we cannot help but feel excited at the prospect of such an innovating union.

We choose to refer to it as innovating because both companies have managed to deliver nothing short of innovation as part of their everlasting quest to improve client experience quality ever since their inception.

SurveyMonkey is a tool which allows for online surveys to be developed and implemented for a plethora of uses such as market research, polls of different lengths and complexity, competitive analysis, customer/employee feedback, satisfaction etc.

SurveyMonkey has drastically simplified data collection and analysis from millions of users worldwide through its structurally incorporated features of information gathering which can be of great service to any company that requires fast results whilst conducting their surveys. They deliver a wide range of survey models that can vary in complexity or length, containing heavily customizable traits which allow for multipurpose scenarios applying to a broad spectrum of fields spanning from healthcare to political or even non-profit organizations. This amount of high-quality data collecting capabilities would harmonize perfectly with Opiria's platform which will grant customers the ability to benefit from fast and easy methods to complete surveys that aid them in selling their personal data.

Opiria is a decentralized marketplace that offers users worldwide data protection and transparency when transacting their personal data. Being based on Ethereum, Opiria's platform offers PDATA tokens in exchange for consumer personal data, which can be cashed in at their leisure for extra revenues.

What sets Opiria apart from other subpar apps is their ability to display a real-time understanding of consumer's needs which allows companies to develop more suitable products for a wide array of users. By putting clients directly in contact with companies, Opiria offers the latest in consumer requirements and helps to economize company funds drastically by saving invaluable time that would otherwise be spent on developing undesirable products that would fall short of reaching their intended public.

Most importantly, Opiria respects customer privacy, which is why they want to ensure customer data protection, whilst offering them the option of selling their data to the company of their choosing. Due to the fact that brokers collect our data without permission or approval and sell it to companies, they make billions of dollars in revenue yearly, without us, the customers, even realizing it. Furthermore, companies are also affected by this, due to inaccurate data being provided for online surveys. Companies are fed false information regarding potential needs from consumers, leading to an approximately 12 billion dollar

investments failure every year, and more than 70% of products not meeting customer desirability standards.

Through this potential partnership, Opiria and SurveyMonkey would not only enhance the quality of online data harvest and deliver trustworthy processes regarding data privacy & protection, but it will also strengthen relations between consumers and companies, which have been strained as of late due to the many times personal data has been misappropriated by others and used against us.

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