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7 Fantastic Hitters: Filling Your All-Time Fantasy Baseball Team

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25 Jan 2023, 00:32 GMT+10

Baseball is widely considered the national sport of America, and it has a rich history stacked full of star-quality players. If you've ever wondered what your dream team would look like, you're not alone. Continue reading for seven fantastic hitters to add to your fantasy baseball team.

Joe Morgan

In our lineup, Joe Morgan takes second base because he had an all-around fantastic gameplay style. There may be better players for the position, including Rogers Hornsby, but that doesn't mean he deserves the position in our all-time baseball team.

If you disagree with any of the decisions on this team, feel free to build your own by getting involved in this fantasy baseball game.

Mickey Mantle

Mickey Mantle might not measure up when compared to some of the legendary players, but selecting the perfect team goes much deeper than recognition. At the height of his career, Mantle was an absolute machine - to the point he was considered the strongest hitter and fastest runner. However, an unfortunate knee injury in 1951 slowed him down drastically.

Willie Mays

Centre field, and batting second, takes the shape of Willie Mays - an easy choice by far. During his extensive career, Mays hit over 50 twice - in 1955 and 1965. When it comes to the field, Mays successfully bagged 12 Gold Gloves, meaning he's still up there with the best of them.

Jimmie Foxx

Jimmie Foxx might be a controversial pick for an all-time baseball team, especially when you've got the likes of Lou Gehrig. However, Foxx had an impressive presence when he stepped up to the plate, and many people called him "The Beast".

Babe Ruth

Babe Ruth's career spanned from 1914 to 1935 - an impressive 22 seasons. During his peak, Ruth appeared to be much further ahead than his peers (and the time). You may argue that Ruth couldn't compete with players today because he preferred heavy bats and didn't really have an athletic build, but you'd be wrong.

Yes, Ruth used heavy bats during his career, but that was a product of the time as opposed to personal preference. When commenting on his build, Ruth was considerably athletic during his peak. For a large man, Ruth still moved with considerable speed.

Mike Schmidt

Mike Schmidt was a formidable baseball player and a clear winner. He led his team to several title wins while playing for the Philadelphia Phillies, and he also won a World Series title in 1980. As well as being an impressive hitter, Schmidt was great on the bases - until his knees began to cause him trouble.

Ted Williams

When it comes to picking out the best hitter in baseball history, you're looking at a battle between Ted Williams and Ruth. Williams hasn't been picked for his defensive play, speed, or throw - his true talents were on the plate.

There are many legends in the baseball world, and those mentioned above barely scratch the surface. However, when it comes to overall play, the players above will make great additions to any fantasy team.

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