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Trump and Republicans smart as Foxes, and cunning as Mice

(Op-ed) Jerome Irwin
15 Aug 2020, 15:06 GMT+10

Trump and Republicans are smart as Foxes and cunning as Mice. All hail the Mouse King.

As the pace of the race quickens towards the United States 2020 Presidential Election finish line, will Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and the Democratic Party be able to out-fox a clever Republican army of evil mice and the evil Mouse King himself? So far, by what already has taken place in the race, the outcome is in serious jeopardy.

To this writer's imagination, the scenario between them is a real-life version of Pytor Ilich Tchaikovsky's 125 years-old-old ballet Nutcracker that is loosely based on E.T.A. Hoffman's 1816 dark fantasy story The Nutcracker and the Mouse King.

In Tchaikovsky's 1892 version, reset in the reality of 2020 and the U.S. Presidential race, Trump is the evil Mouse King, the Republican lawmakers are the King's army of evil mice, Biden is Hans Petr, the nephew of his magician-toymaker uncle Herr Drosselmeyer, and Kamala Harris is Clara, the heroine who throws her slipper at the Mouse King's head that stuns him and allows Hans Petr, who has been turned into the Nutcracker, to engage in battle with the Mouse King and his evil minions and ultimately defeats them.

To Tchaikovsky and E.T.A. Hoffman the Nutcracker is a savior character because he will save the people from their impending doom. The Nutcracker represents the hope that the future can bring something good to bear on human life. The evil mice and the Mouse King represent the passage of time, just as older human structures and edifices of all kinds tend to become infested with mice and vermin, who, by their very nature, are violent and bring chaos and pain to the human world they invade, which over time makes them forces of decay.

The character of 'Maria' to E.T.A. Hoffman or 'Clara' to Pytor Illich Tchaikovsky represent the fullness of human desire to come to terms with the horror and pain of life. The spirit both women would bring into existence represents the opposite of time's decay. They represents hope and new life.

The pressing question now in real time is does there exist in the scenario of Washington's Beltway a real-life Nutcracker who can avoid the trap that the current Mouse King in the White House has set for him in a corner, overcome the Mouse King's imposing evil strength, and, in the end, defeat the King and his evil minions? A political dream of literature or ballet fantasy? The magic of a Christmas morning come to life or only a nightmarish day-in, day-out political reality of what is to be in the future of the world, endlessly repeated?

The battle lines of both sides now are locked in mortal combat. For starts, take the Executive Orders that the Mouse King Trump has recently imperiously issued. He now can cleverly take full credit for them because the Democrats in the House of Representatives and the Republicans in the Senate were unable to resolve their differences. Why? Because the Democrats weren't clever enough from the outset to see that the duplicitous clever, cunning and evil Republican lawmaker-mice and their Mouse King never had any intention of ever giving the Democrats the fair and just monthly amount of monies they sought to gain for the welfare of the American public, just so the Mouse King Trump could rush in afterwards with his Executive Orders that now he can claim as a talking point that will create all manner of manner of wonders and fulfillment of the American peoples dreams.

Meanwhile, the evil, diabolical Mouse King continues to strip the U.S. Postal Service of its ability to process the mails, in preparation for the moment when it comes down to the election and the millions of absentee ballots must be mailed in and received by the designated deadline. Planning his battle tactics of voter suppression well in advance, the Mouse King has ordered his loyal evil mice followers to begin removing the sorting machines from postal centers, while limiting the overtime work hours for USPS workers, that when the time comes will be unable to legally process the ballots. All the while the Mouse King cunningly twists everything around the opposite way, declaring that "The Postal Service is a Joke!", while adding with arrogant hutzpah, "This will be the greatest fraud in history!"

The Mouse King knows how to put a clever, evil spin on everything. He just brokered, with the help of Jared Kushner, one of his chief, most loyal and evil mice sycophants, an "Israel-Trump-UAE" deal that upholds Israel's devastating apartheid policies yet allows the Mouse King himself to receive the full credit and accolade as The Great Peace Maker, that by the time the U.S. election rolls around the Mouse King most probably will be nominated for the next Nobel Peace Prize. The clever, cunning Mouse King and his Israeli ally have cleverly joined together to essentially solve the Israel-Palestine conflict by pretending the Palestinians don't exist. Of course, it's all smoke and mirrors and slick image-making for the Mouse King because Prime Minister Netanyahu has made it amply clear that Israel is only temporarily "suspending" the annexation of the West Bank and plan to apply our sovereignty in Judea and Samaria". for some unspecified period of time (Read here Until the U.S. Election is over and the Mouse King is safely ensconced in the White House for another four democracy wrecking-ball years.). Still Netanyahu and the Mouse King can claim during their photo-ops that they've created together "an historic day for peace" after Israel and the United Arab Emirates 'normalize' relations between the two countries.

Yet U.S. Representative Rashida Tlaib (D Mich), a Palestinian American has made a point of mentioning for the record that "We won't be fooled by another Trump/Netanyahu deal and we won't celebrate Netanyahu for not stealing land he already controls in exchange for a sweet heart business deal." While Code Pink's Medea Benjamin claims the deal only "bolsters an Israel-US-Gulf Alliance against Iran".

Then there is that other fearlessly-loyal evil mouse Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority leader, and his evil ranks of Senate Republican mice who have irresponsibly taken a summer vacation until September 8th without securing a deal on Coronavirus Relief. Already 150,000 Americans have died at the hands of the Mouse King and his minions of evil mice, for which the Mouse King has previously indifferently commented., "It is what it is". Senator Bernie Sanders otherwise chooses to call it "morally obscene", while some 40 million Americans risk eviction and 30 million face drastic income cuts due to unemployment benefits and another 14 million American households with children don't have enough to eat.

And still there exists some 80 days of battle lines yet to be drawn before the election. Who knows what other wild, lawless, diabolical world events the evil Mouse King and his minions yet have planned to scare the American voters into submission: Civil War or hostilities with China or Iran that will require the evil Mouse King to flex his mighty muscles and demonstrate his full powers as the ultimate Law & Order President? Will some new Nutcracker, Maria or Clara character be able to manifest themselves in real time to usher in a genuine Christmas morning full of sugar plum ferries, magic and mystery?

Jerome Irwin, 1398 Hope Road, North Vancouver, B.C. Canada V7P1W7

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