Mon, 27 May 2019

The reason is that China has been tacitly protecting

China was slow in condemning this latest attack in Kashmir, taking a day to issue a guarded statement that mentioned neither Pakistan nor

However, this statement is at complete odds with

Despite support for India from the

Despite willfully ignoring evidence and

It has twisted the situation of the purported threat from the East

Why does China technically block the

China is investing heavily in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (

India and the rest of the peace-loving world should be rightly angered by Pakistan

's hospitality of

The fact is that there is increasing awareness around the region that China is not at all benevolent, but rather that it poses a credible threat to security in the

For example, it can be seen from the foregoing that

China offers an ideological and conventional military threat to the region as well.

For instance, Admiral Philip Davidson, commander of the US

While China might be the greatest long-term threat, the commander noted that

"North Korea will remain the most immediate challenge" to the

While the cynic might say that American military commanders use such opportunities to exaggerate the threat in order to gain greater levels of funding, Davidson was blunt when assessing the People

's Liberation Army (


's military is casting its eye far beyond the First Island Chain, however. Davidson testified, "The

Taiwan received substantial attention in the testimony.


Unsurprisingly, the South China Sea received attention from the US Navy (

"In April 2018, Beijing continued militarizing outposts by deploying advanced military systems that further enhance the

The hardening of American resolve can be illustrated by the number of freedom of navigation operations conducted by the

China Coast Guard (


's employs more than just military power to spread its orb of influence. Davidson warned, "Through fear and economic pressure, Beijing is working to expand its form of communist-socialist ideology in order to bend, break and replace the existing rules-based international order."

Yet there is growing resistance, he acknowledged.

"Over the last year, we have seen that countries across the region are becoming more aware of the threat

When addressing the

Particular weapon systems were mentioned: an aircraft carrier group centered on the




Why does a country, which nobody has ever threatened militarily, need to develop so many weapons? This is more than just building up defenses, for China is going totally overboard to develop a mighty military force that can compete with anyone in the world. This is not the normal policy of a peace-loving country.

The same message of alarm came through in the 2019 edition of the Missile Defense Review recently issued by the

It said,

"China seeks to displace the United States in the

Consequently, China can now potentially threaten the

Davidson added detail:

"China's third-generation Type 096

The Missile Defense Report added,

"A key component of China's military modernization is its conventional ballistic missile arsenal designed to prevent US military access to support regional allies and partners. China is improving its ability to strike regional targets, such as US bases and naval assets, at greater ranges with th

e addition of the growing number of medium- and intermediate-range ballistic missiles. This includes sophisticated anti-ship ballistic missiles that pose a direct threat to US aircraft carriers."

Additionally, China has ground- and air-launched land attack cruise missiles.

"These and other wide-ranging developments in China's expansive offensive missile arsenal pose a potential nuclear and non-nuclear threat to US forces deployed abroad, and are of acute concern to US allies and partners in the


's targets are clear. Short-range missiles against Taiwan and US carrier strike groups, intermediate-range

Unfortunately, China is also guilty of transferring missile know-how to others. The

China strenuously repeats the line that others should

"respect the interests and concerns of the Chinese side". Yet China does not do this itself, as its lack of concern over

While China may reconsider its blockage of India in the UN, it will surely entail some hard bargaining with India to draw concessions on other issues. However, it will not want to do so quickly, because that would send a message of weakness to Pakistan

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